Research Agenda and Interests

Environmental and Energy Policy

My dissertation research is situated at the intersection of public policy and administration. The motivating question of my dissertation is to explore how governance structures in nuclear waste policy debate shape citizen perceptions and their nuclear policy dispositions. How does citizen knowledge about the nuclear waste policy cycle impact their trust in government? I built the first two empirical chapters of my dissertation on the work that I have been doing as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Center for Energy, Security and Society at the University of Oklahoma. The primary data source is nationwide survey data collected by the Center. Whereas for empirical chapter three, I collected voting behavior and turnout data from the state of Nevada to explore how localized interests reshape political landscape in terms of partisan and ideological dispositions.

Accountability and Performance Measurement

Classic readings intrigued my interest in public administration dilemmas about accountability versus compliance and expertise. I explore these questions by examining Central Banks’ performance. I have compiled a dataset from Central Bank annual reports across nations. This dataset contributes to a number of ongoing projects, one exploring the roles, functions and the extent of political independence of Central banks comparatively, another one offering a conceptual model for measuring the accountability of Central Banks and testing it. Additionally, I am working on a collaborative study on non-profit accountability. Together with my co-authors, we investigate non-profit corruption cases and identify the major corruption types and their frequencies.

Budgeting and Public Sector Finance

The ontology of the accountability naturally drives my inquisitiveness to public and non-profit sector finance. I am interested to find what drives the success of public financial reforms. Using a comparative perspective, we assess longitudinal trends in the functioning of the financial systems to explore the influence of variations in the external environment on country’s financial system outcomes. The follow-up paper estimates the impact of political maturity and democratization on financial development using explanative time series analysis.

International Non-profits and Organizational Outcomes

Motivated by my practical experience in international development and the implementation of new public management reforms, I and my coauthor empirically examine whether, and to what extent, the imbedded culture among local nonprofit organizations in non-Western regions differs from that of international NGOs operating in the same areas. We also posit whether cultural variations impact management and leadership practices as well as employee motivation.